Elixir is a functional, concurrent, high-level general-purpose programming language that runs on the BEAM virtual machine, which is also used to implement the Erlang programming language.


This page lists all projects using this programming language or deployment platform. Only the main server-side requirements, packaging or distribution formats are considered.


Open-source, self-hosted, developer-oriented translation tool.

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★1181 2024-05-03 Elixir Docker BSD-3-Clause

Software Development - Localization


Federated microblogging server with Mastodon, GNU social, and ActivityPub compatibility.

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★? ? Elixir Docker AGPL-3.0

Communication - Social Networks and Forums


Web app for hosting asciicasts.

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★2219 2024-05-21 Elixir Docker Apache-2.0



Visual database exploration made for real world databases (big and messy). Explore your database schema as well as data, document them, extend them and even get analysis and guidelines.

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★1073 2024-05-16 Elixir Nodejs Docker MIT

Database Management Software Development - IDE & Tools


The ultimate tool to interact with your audience (alternative to Slido, AhaSlides and Mentimeter).

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★382 2024-04-26 Elixir Docker GPL-3.0

Polls and Events


Self-hosted secure remote access gateway that supports the WireGuard protocol. It offers a Web GUI, 1-line install script, multi-factor auth (MFA), and SSO.

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★6287 2024-05-21 Elixir Docker Apache-2.0

Remote Access


Realtime collaborative notebook app based on Markdown that supports running Elixir code snippets, TeX and Mermaid Diagrams. Easily deployed using Docker or Elixir.

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★4476 2024-05-20 Elixir Docker Apache-2.0

Note-taking & Editors


Brainstorm and upvote ideas and thoughts within your team.

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★56 2024-05-15 Docker Elixir AGPL-3.0

Software Development - Project Management


A federated tool that helps you find, create and organise events and groups.

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★? ? Elixir Docker GPL-3.0

Polls and Events

Plausible Analytics#

Simple, open-source, lightweight (< 1 KB) and privacy-friendly web analytics.

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★18594 2024-05-21 Elixir AGPL-3.0



Federated microblogging server, Mastodon, GNU social, & ActivityPub compatible.

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★? ? Elixir AGPL-3.0

Communication - Social Networks and Forums


A powerful data logger for Tesla vehicles.

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★5361 2024-05-20 Elixir Docker MIT