Inventory Management#

Inventory management software.


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Homebox Inventory#

An inventory and organization system built for the home user with a focus on simplicity and ease of use.

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★1748 2023-12-01 Docker AGPL-3.0

Inventory Management


Collaborative resources mapper project, while yet only focused on exploring books mapping with wikidata and ISBNs.

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★397 2023-12-07 Nodejs AGPL-3.0

Inventory Management


InvenTree is an open-source inventory management system which provides intuitive parts management and stock control.

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★3250 2023-12-08 Python MIT

Inventory Management


Asset and equipment tracking software used by teams who value clarity. Shelf is an asset database and QR asset label generator that lets you create, manage and overview your assets across locations. Unlimited assets, free forever.

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★1255 2023-12-05 Nodejs AGPL-3.0

Inventory Management Maps and Global Positioning System (GPS)